Tailored business advisory services to take your business to the next level

It can be lonely at the top for business owners, and sometimes you don’t have all the answers. There’s operational noise, decisions to make, and limited time each day to strategise, plan and actually work on the business. 

That’s where a business advisor can come in. Not only do you gain a personal business expert, you get access to best practice advice, insights to make informed decisions (faster), and feedback for improvements and growth.

And we’ve been doing just that for hundreds of businesses across Melbourne and Australia for more than 25 years. Together we can ensure you get the advice, support and tools you need to succeed.

what we do

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Get valuable feedback and advice

Gain insights, feedback on ideas, independent advice, tools and support to help you drive efficiencies.

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Uncover risks and growth opportunities

Identify key issues, potential risks, and opportunities for improvement and growth for your business.

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Enhance your planning and strategy

Get best practice advice and proactive strategies to reach your business goals and grow.

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Gain insights to maximise profits

Obtain the strategic insights you need to grow your business and increase profitability.

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Know where to focus

Get expert insights and research to help you focus on what matters and maximise your resources.

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Reach your goals and targets

Leverage insights and apply proactive strategies to get you where you need to go and drive success.

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Take the first step to better business

Identify hidden business risks and learn what areas you need to address to grow with our risk assessment survey.

Get a business expert in your corner

When you’re working in your business every day, it can be hard to see your business objectively. Working at your side, your business advisor can help you identify areas of improvement, and uncover ways to optimise and streamline how you do business. Unlocking business efficiencies, opportunities for growth, and strategic insights to help you get your competitive edge.

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Business advisory services

Business improvement programs

Struggling to grow, reach your goals or find that push to take your business to the next level? We’ll create a personalised plan forward, helping you identify roadblocks, risks and opportunities for your business.

What are the differences between employees and contractors? How can you tell?

Business health checks

Gain clarity into the health, resilience, and profitability of your business in a personalised report prepared by expert business advisors. We’ll also give you advice on how to apply the insights and implement improvements.

Strategic planning and goal setting

Taking the time to understand your vision and where you want to go, we’ll help you create strategic plans and business goals to get you there. All based on real numbers, trends and insights from your business.

Tax and business structure advice

Is your business structure really working for you? Could you be applying strategies to better position you come tax time? Let’s dive into the numbers together and ensure your business is working for (not against) you.

Financial management advice

Get strategic business advice to grow a sustainable and profitable business. Together we can uncover potential areas of growth, remove or mitigate risks, and unlock cost savings to improve your bottom line.

Operational reviews

Your operations have the ability to make or hinder how you make money. Reviewing your operations, we can identify ways to reduce operational risks, streamline processes, increase productivity, and drive profits.

Risk management services

What could be putting your business at risk? Know where to look and how to better manage (or remove) these risks, with proactive strategies to reduce impacts and enable you to act quickly if they occur.

Cash flow management, forecasting and budgeting

Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Get better insight into your cash flow, budgeting advice, and forecasts so you know exactly whats happening with your cash flow.

Succession and exit strategies

Whether you want to retire, sell or pass your business on, we’ll help you create a succession plan to keep you in control and put your business in the best position possible.

Digital transformation services for business management

Transformation is great, but transformation without a plan can be expensive. We’ll help you transform without breaking the bank, giving advice on where to invest, and the know-how to make sure it succeeds.

These are just some of the services our business advisors provide. To learn more, chat with our friendly team to learn how the service could support your business.

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What is a business improvement program?

Built over many years working with businesses just like you, our business improvement program is designed for those struggling to find a way forward or needs guidance to get to that next level.


This five-step program starts by understanding your where you are now and provides a clear plan forward to drive improvements and growth.

But we know a plan isn’t enough, and sometimes you need extra support and someone to keep you accountable. That’s why we book regular check-ins and you get unlimited access to your business advisor each step of the way.

Improve your business in 5 simple steps

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Step 1: Take a risk survey

This online, five-question survey helps us begin to understand your risks and how you operate.

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Step 2: Meet your business advisor

Using your risk survey, we have a 1:1 discussion on what you want to achieve, and risks we need to address.

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Step 3: Gather industry insights

Each owner of your business completes an industry-specific questionnaire. This is then analysed and collated by our team.

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Step 4: Get your SWOT report

We take everything plus industry insights to create a detailed analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats.

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Step 5: Apply your tailored plan

Together we create a personalised improvement plan complete with an action list of tasks, defining who’s responsible and due dates.

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Get started now

Take your first step to a better, more profitable business with our quick and easy risk survey.

More than just tax and compliance advice

While we love business tax returns and providing compliance advice, we’re more than just chartered accountants. We’re accounting and business experts so you don’t have to be. 

As business advisors, we love helping businesses get to know their real numbers and make better, more strategic decisions. We focus on building business relationships and creating personalised business advisory services that put you first. 

It’s this approach that has enabled us to support hundreds of businesses across Melbourne and Australia over the past 20 years. We can’t wait to help you grow and give you the tools, support and knowledge you need to get there.

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Managing Director

Core Auto Electrical Services

Mead partners are such a valuable asset to our business. Reliable, honest, prompt & always go up and beyond for whatever is required. Continually providing us with up to date information/assistance/growth plans to ensure operations are as they should. Nothing is too much trouble, everything is thoroughly explained so you never leave feeling like you have no idea what is happening, what's next or where business is at. We have been a customer of Mead Partners for over 5 years now & couldn't recommend highly enough.

Meet your business advisory team

John Pititto

For over 20 years, John has been helping businesses of all sizes – across Melbourne and Australia – build a better business and create business freedom. As a Chartered Accountant and business advisor, John is all about relationships and getting to know your business inside and out. The result? Tailored advice focused on you and your goals. A devoted family man, when not in the office John loves spending time at the beach with his wife and three children.

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Shaun Borg

Joining the Mead Partners family in 2008, Shaun is a business partner and chartered accountant. He’s passionate about helping businesses maximise their potential, providing expert accounting and business advice to reach their business goals. In 2019, Shaun was also named the youngest MYOB accountant of the year. When not crunching the numbers, you’ll find Shaun out in the great outdoors. 

Improve your business and take it to new heights

Our business advisors are ready and waiting to get you there.

Frequently asked questions

What is a business advisor?

A business advisor provides strategic business advice to business owners, helping them run their business more efficiently, make business improvements and decisions, and opportunities for growth. All our business advisors are also certified chartered accountants and have hands-on experience as a business advisor or more than 15 years.

Where are you located and what businesses do you work with?

Mead Partners is a chartered accountant and business advisory firm based in St Kilda (Melbourne, Australia). While we’re based in St Kilda, we work with businesses of all sizes and industries across Melbourne and wider Australia, including building and construction.

What other business and accounting services do you provide?

As a business advisor and accountant, we provide a number of business and accounting services, including taxation services, asset protection services, virtual CFO services, and bookkeeping services.
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