Is this service for you?

  • 01.

    You want to capitalise on a successful business

  • 02.

    You see the potential in a fledgling business

  • 03.

    You want to take a business that's already established and make it greater

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Are you looking to purchase a business?

Making the decision to purchase a business is a major financial step and needs to be very carefully considered.  What is the reason for taking this step:

  1. Growing and existing business
  2. Looking to try and build an asset and provide you with some financial security
  3. You have always dreamt of being your own boss


Things you must consider before you make possibly the biggest financial decision of your life:


  1. How much should I pay?
  2. Do I need Finance to purchase the business? If so can I get finance?
  3. What is the best structure to purchase the business in?
  4. Asset protection, how do your protect your assets from future business risks?
  5. Engage appropriate advisors to assist in the decision making process.

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