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We’re experienced but we’re not complacent. we keep a finger on the pulse of all that’s happening. we’re not stuck in the past.

what we do

Yes, we do accounting But we like to think there’s something special about how we do it.

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We guide you through the tough stuff.

When you feel overwhelmed and your finances are out of control we try and take the pressure off. We explain, simplify and provide workable solutions and we are ready to help.

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We don't ignore the risks your business faces.

We're experienced but we're not complacent. We've got a finger on the pulse of all that's happening in the modern economy, using modern technologies.

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We share the whole journey with you.

We're here for you throughout the whole business journey. We take the time to learn your business inside and out. From startup to exit, we're your partner.

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Doing your taxes isn’t your idea of fun.

That’s why we’re here. Your situation could be complicated, but we work hard to make sure it’s simple for you.

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We give the advice you need.

It's as simple as that. We've got a track record you can trust – you'll know you're in safe hands the moment you shake one of ours.

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Your business is important. So we make it our priority.

Your business is your number one priority. You're not a little fish in a big accounting firm. We give you the attention that you need to grow and thrive.

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Biggest Business Challenge?

Tackle the biggest challenges you face as a business with an accountant and advisor who takes you and your goals seriously.

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Getting started on a new venture?
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Are you hoping to sell?
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Is your cash flow stagnant?
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Time to step down from the helm?
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Are you paying the right tax?
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    Co-Founder & Director of Sales


    In our 5 years of being looked after by John and his team I can easily say they are by a mile the most professional and more importantly, the most genuine in their care and interest in making sure our business is healthy and growing.

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    Managing Director

    Core Auto Electrical Services

    Having an accountant that cares and is passionate about the work we do is of high importance to me and arguably a core factor in the success of a business. Mead Partners have come nothing short of this and we're grateful and excited for the future with them.

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