ELEMENTARY is understanding your business.

We see it all the time: highly intelligent, savvy business owners who can make neither head nor tail of their finances. The way in which traditional accounting firms present their data is simply not accessible to anyone other than an accountant. Herein lies the problem: this data has the power to make or break a business, at any stage of the business lifecycle.

We wanted to empower our business clients with the knowledge that they deserve, and need. And that’s why we created ELEMENTARY.

ELEMENTARY de-mystifies your business’ finances with a click of a button. It reports to you on the things you need to know, based on the following scenarios: where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Looking Back

History repeats itself: it might be a cliche, but it’s true of your finances. However, small business owners are often so involved in the life of their business that they simply don’t have the time to reflect. ELEMENTARY gives a simplicity of reporting that saves you time so that even the busiest of business owners have time to look back at past difficulties and triumphs. It gives you the security and insight to pull ahead of the pack.

See Through It All

ELEMENTARY clears the haze of jargon to give clarity on your current financial position. The simple reporting structure flags important warning signs and empowers you to act before it’s too late. It keeps your revenue health in check through clear visual representations, purpose-built for ease of comprehension. When you invest in regular ELEMENTARY reporting, you also have the power to make changes with your Mead Partners representative that will allow you to pursue the goals that once looked like pipedreams. If there’s something holding you back, it’s our job to identify it and rectify it, so you can continue boldly forward.

See the Future

ELEMENTARY allows you to project your own potential from your business’ data. Using the Power of One tool, you are able to see the impact of isolated financial decisions on your bottom line. This unprecedented insight allows you to see what a reduction of debtor days or an increase in product volume might mean for your revenue. This is the first step towards building efficiencies and is an invaluable tool in the future of your business. Being able to ask “what if?” (and get answers in real time) is a huge competitive advantage.
Ultimately, ELEMENTARY gives you the power to run your business better. It’s the simplicity you need to make the decisions you must. With ELEMENTARY, making the right decisions really is….elementary.

If you’re interested in receiving a report, or talking more about ELEMENTARY, call us and ask to speak to John.

Understand with ELEMENTARY

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