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Understanding your business story should be ELEMENTARY; a simplified way of analysing your business’s financial accounts and performance over a period of time.


ELEMENTARY assesses your business’s trading cycle highlighting where you were, where you are, and where you want to go.

Where you were

To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve been.

ELEMENTARY makes it easy to establish a clear baseline on which to build on, knowing exactly where your business has been tells us exactly where it should go.

Where you are

There’s no time like the present!

ELEMENTARY is a premier analysis tool when it comes to giving a true multi-dimensional picture of your business and its financial health. Built from the data contained in your financial accounts, it highlights what needs to be fixed and changed, so that we can ensure that the business gets what it needs – making it far more profitable.

Where you want to go

Mead Partners accountants in St Kilda will help you shape the future of your business with the power of data.

The POWER of ONE is a forecasting tool that gives you the ability to adjust crucial business parameters such as price increases, debtor days, and even inventory holding days to see bottom-line effects in real-time.

The design of ELEMENTARY Reporting allows you, the business owner, to take an active role in “what the numbers really mean”. It provides you with a better understanding of your business’ financial statements and performance. The reports, coupled with your understanding, allow you to make informed decisions on areas that require your attention, leading to elevated business efficiencies, cash flow, and profitability!

In today’s competitive business environment where margins are squeezed and cashflow management is a balancing act, you cannot afford to make financial decisions in the dark. Accurate interpretation and forecasting of data is a must-have and ELEMENTARY is an indispensable tool in gaining deeper insights into your business story.

Is ELEMENTARY right for you?

ELEMENTARY is designed to be useful to businesses at every point of the business life-cycle. At Mead Partners, we tailor the report to your business,  gaining the best insight for you, whatever that may be.

  • Start-ups
    This is the time where initial profit projections and cashflow management are paramount. ELEMENTARY helps to keep a tight view on your revenue health.
  • Mature Businesses
    Here is where ELEMENTARY can be crucial in helping you get to the next level. Once your business is established and the day-to-day operations are going smoothly,  ELEMENTARY uses real-time “What if (?) Scenarios” using The POWER of ONE tool to illustrate any future financial decisions.
  • End of Cycle Businesses
    For most business owners, this can be the hardest transition to make. You are now ready to exit the business world and reap the fruits of your labour. The most common question asked at this point is “What’s my business worth?” Not only can ELEMENTARY provide insights into this phase of your business life-cycle, it can be instrumental in arming you with the correct information to successfully exit your business, achieving its full value.
Ideal Reporting Frequency

It is recommended to report every 6 months.

  • End of June: Input data and get a baseline for the year and to identify quick wins.
  • December – January: Review to improve performance and get ready for new tax reporting period.


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