Our Australian Financial Services License:

Our Commitment to You

Mead Partners is proud to announce that we now hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). The ramifications for our clients is one that cannot be ignored, as an AFSL will be required to advise on and manage a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) come 1st July 2016.

The advantages of having an AFSL are delivered directly to you when you take Mead Partners as your trusted partner. We value trust, independence, and innovation: they are at the core of every interaction with our clients.
The application process was a challenging one, yet it is one we chose to undertake as part of our unwavering commitment to you. We are among but a handful of accounting firms in the country that have achieved this standard of compliance.

At the heart of what we do has always been a commitment to the people that make Mead Partners what it is. Without our clients, and the interest we take in them, there would be no reason to come to work. We want our clients to know that they’re in safe hands when they take us as a partner. So we never compromise. We made a commitment to receiving this license and to being one of the first Melbourne independent firms to do so, to ensure we continue to deliver the best service to every client, unquestionably and unwaveringly.

We have always been driven to provide a service built around transparency. Those who operate under a larger institutionally-awarded license tend to hold multiple obligations to parent companies and stakeholders. As an independent provider holding an AFSL, we are in the comparatively unique position of working solely for our clients. In other words, you can be confident that you can trust us for advice without bias or agenda. We’re here to listen to your financial goals, and fulfill them in the most forward-thinking manner possible. We’re proud to bring that feeling of reassurance to those who choose an independent, client-focused financial service provider for your SMSF advice.

Owning an AFSL is not a static arrangement. Part of the requirements for holding this license is constant maintenance and innovation. It involves a commitment to continued research into market change, industry regulatory processes, and the most modern financial product offerings. Our attitude towards our client partners will never change, but our organisations capacities must always be on an upward trajectory.

We’re proud to be operating under this licensing scheme, and invite any enquiries into how this will affect your relationship with us. We look forward to working together as your financial partner for many years to come


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